fathers day

happy fathers day for the ones… care for us.. s happy fathers day

in love and fighting

every single time  you want to fight you always win but you do not win my heart but you say you love me but why do we argue so really i dont forgive you…..

this is the truth!!!»>

stories that i got

i got stories to tell and i got alot of poems to show or tell

i did this for a reason

i did this for a reason

never give up

dont give up on anything.. hope is what counts dont give up as long as u belive you will strive… son DONT GIVE UP…….

love/no love

the same song i told you about my most favorite song,but sometimes love songs get me warmed up because i think it is really special for the person who is in love play the song or thats there favorite song because its you and i think its your time to shine… but lets get back to this song don’t forget you know how they break up and they move n and well u know forget basicly  but my last post of this song its talks about it but love always counts but guess what  love dont matter it is who you are you dont need a man to treat you good or anything be you its what a women is good at a man needs a women because  he needs help like cleaning laundry and more stuff. but it really dont matter but sure i dont know these thing but i have seen it in movies or on the street what i am saying is love dont matter as long as you feel good about yourself its not you or what you need so if you really want a boy/man and he leaves you or anything it is his fault of what he is missing on cause you are beautiful…. :)

demi lavoto: don’t forget

dont forget: i love this song so much,because this is my favorite song.the most thing about it its talking about a girl that went ut with a boy and the girl is trying to tell him what they had togther was basicly special and dont forget about it….!!!! :)


its hard to trust someone when people  do not care for you


sometimes u know when u feeling happy but in the inside i am not happy it takes time to be happy in the inside and know what it is like but the feeling is scary cause you know you can do it.but always talk about it to someone you trust.